Open communication is integral to the education of our children. At IAMS we have developed a number of tools to help keep parents up-to-date about day-to-day life at the school and to foster communication with the faculty and staff. Below are some of these tools included in Communications At-a-Glance or IAMS Communication Best Practices.

Student Communication Folders – At the beginning of each school year, all students receive a yellow communication folder used to carry homework and information to and from school. 

IAMS Calendar – A school calendar is prepared annually to advise IAMS families of school events. All students receive a hardcopy of the calendar at the beginning of the school year. An up-to-date school calendar is available on our website.

Puma Paper – A monthly newsletter created by FELE volunteers, distributed via email and posted on our website. The Puma Paper serves an important purpose of connecting all Inter-American families.

Report Cards and Biannual Parent/Teacher Conferences – All students in grades K-8 receive a report card each quarter with biannual parent/teacher conferences. This is an important time to review a child’s progress with the child’s homeroom teacher.

Direct Contact – Parents are encouraged to contact the school directly to discuss their child's progress whenever necessary:

  • For academic questions, contact the teacher directly by email or a written note in your child’s communication folder.  In-person meetings with teachers should be scheduled in advance. 
  • For general questions, refer to the Communications At-a-Glance or IAMS Communication Best Practices to find the appropriate person to contact.

Please note that individual, academic and behavioral concerns regarding your child must first be brought to the teacher. If the issue is not resolved, you can bring it to the principal.

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