LSC Elections Are Coming

On April 18 (Report Card Pick Up Day), LSC elections will be held at our school; from 6am-7pm, parents and community members can cast 5 votes for any combination of parent and community representatives to serve a 2-year term, from July 2012-June 2014. The LSC is in charge of principal hiring and evaluation, as well as approving the annual budget and school improvement plan. Candidate statements can be found near the Fremont entry: please familiarize yourself with the candidates before election day and have your voice heard by voting for your LSC.

The parent candidates are:

• Keith Mandell

• Miryam Ramirez

• Ana Camino

• Clemente Nicado

• Lisandra "Ms. Lisa" Vasquez

• Jose Arroyo

• Marisol Morales

• Karen Barbour

• Guillermo Vidaurre

• Julie Grisalez

• Ernesto Martinez

• Ulises Roman


The Community candidates are:

• Margaret Aguilar

• Johnny LaSalle

• Jill Wohl