IAMS Receives $5,000 Grant from Lowe's



Lowe's Donates Money for "Play Matters"

We are thrilled to announce that IAMS has received a $5,000 Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant for "Play Matters," an initiative of the school's Wellness Committee.

The proposal was based on the goal of improving playtime for all of our students. The grant will help cover all of our recent playground improvements made during Spring 2011, including the paint-the-blacktop effort,the recess shed, and recess equipment. Next year, the monies will be used to improve equipment for indoor recess initiatives, including mats, balance balls—maybe even move us forward on the dream of a climbing wall in the gym. Also on the wish list is extra winter gear so kids can enjoy cold-weather play. In a number of ways, therefore, this grant holds the promise of advancing gym teacher Mr. Carillo's PE curriculum, as well as improving all of the students'regular recess times.

The timing of the grant is serendipitous. A majority of the teachers recently voted in favor of extending recess by ten minutes starting next year. Furthermore, after a highly successful rollout of the program at IAMS in April 2011, the non-profit Playworks program has been funded for our school, starting in Fall 2011. It is therefore with extra momentum towards improving play that we now celebrate the Lowe's grant.

Special thanks to Nancy Zwick, chair of the IAMS Wellness Committee, and Anne Evans, who together prepared and submitted the grant proposal. They are grateful to Lloy Johnson, who brought this opportunity to their attention. As study after study has shown that students are more responsive in the classroom after regular physical activity, there is simply no question that Play Matters! 

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