Erik Wright

First Grade Teacher

Name:   Erik J. Wright


BA Elementary Education, BA Spanish Language and Literature - Marquette University;

Bilingual and ESL Teaching Certification - University of Wisconsin @ Milwaukee

Where were you born and raised? Minneapolis and Delano, Minnesota

Position and Start Year at IAMS: First Grade Teacher, Fall 2008

Why are you in education? I have always loved and been fascinated by learning and the learning process. When I am in the school environment, I feel at home. I enjoy learning side-by-side with my students.

What are your hobbies and interests?  Spending time with friends and family, Basketball, Triathlons, and Canoeing.

What was the last good book you read?  Swimming to Antarctica by Lynn Cox 

What are your guiding principles? Life is a journey. The hardships are more manageable and the joys more joyous when we share the ride.

What are the traits you admire most in others? Honesty, Genuineness, Sense of humor 

What profession, other than education, could you also see yourself doing? I have always wanted to be a CTA bus or train driver.

What attracted you to a dual-language program? I am a native English speaker. I took a Spanish class at school from 2nd grade through high school. It was always a rather frustrating subject as I did not know the language outside the classroom. In college, I decided to join a summer abroad program in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. It was during this time the language really seemed to come together for me, and being a people person, I found a great joy and interest in using and learning the language. I decided to major in Spanish, and I then studied a semester in Santiago de Chile. Upon returning home, I was a more confident Spanish speaker with a different perspective on life. I was drawn to bilingual education where I find myself today. My Spanish language learning continues to this day.

What is the main challenge of teaching/working in a dual-language school? Teaching students who have a wide range of content as well as language skills; finding enough time in the day.