Dual Language Program

IAMS is committed to promoting academic excellence through bilingual and multicultural education and developing student fluency, literacy, and communication skills in both English and Spanish. IAMS is also focused on creating a generation of learners who demonstrate greater cognitive flexibility, are better problem solvers, and have a deeper understanding of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity.

Starting in pre-kinder, IAMS adheres to an “additive bilingual” model that respects and reinforces each child’s target or dominant language while concurrently supporting the acquisition of literacy in a developing or second language. This methodology is backed by research of best practices in dual-language instruction. IAMS teaches students to learn to read, write, speak and listen in two languages across all academic areas.  Starting in pre-kinder, the language balance during the day is given by literacy and content (science/social studies) which are taught in Spanish or English for 3-5 week unit cycles.  If the child has literacy in Spanish, then he/she will have content in English for the 3-5 week cycle of the unit. During literacy time, the child is focusing on formally learning how to read and write. During content time, the child is learning about our world and each other while also informally learning how to read and write. Over time, the child’s language and literacy skills will develop concurrently in both languages. Math is always taught in Spanish from pre-k until 5th grade and in Spanish/English unit cycles in grades 6th – 8th.

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